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Tylana and Steve are in the training room working on some of their combat skills.

Steve: It snowed again last night.

Tylana: I really love the snow. It reminds me of the times it would snow on Asgard.

Steve: Does it? What kind of winter stuff did you do there?

Tylana: The same stuff that we've done here, except we used to ice skate on Asgard.

Steve: Ice skate, we do that here.

Tylana walks down the stairs in her Midgardian winter wear. She meets with all of the other Avengers as they begin to head out towards their cars.

Tylana: Wait…can we bring Loki?

Tony: You're kidding right?

Tylana: It just won't be the same without him. I haven't gone skating without him once.

Everybody looks at Thor.

Thor: I feel that it may be alright. Loki will be in our sight of view and will therefore not cause any harm.

Everybody, including Loki, arrives at Rockefeller Centre and puts their skates on. They all head out onto the ice and separate into groups. Clint and Natasha went in one direction while Tony, Steve, and Bruce are in another direction. Thor, Loki, and Tylana are together and slowly begin to skate in the same direction as the S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

Tony: You know this is actually kind of fun.

Bruce: You know who might enjoy this? Pepper may like it.

Tony: You know you're right.

Tony skates off of the rink and calls Pepper.

Bruce: I always enjoyed skating.

Steve: Me too.

Bruce: I skated with this friend of mine Betty once… that was before all of this happened.

Steve: I haven't really gone skating with anyone other than my friend Bucky. I miss that guy.


Natasha: It's nice to be able to get out and do stuff like this as a group.

Clint: Ya, I've always liked doing this kind of stuff. We should do this more often.

Natasha: We should, I mean sure we may not be able to get everyone together like this but, hey it'll be worth it right?

Clint: Ya, look how much fun everyone is having. Look Pepper even showed up.

Natasha: See, now this is what I'm talking about.

Thor skates away from Loki and Tylana and towards Bruce and Steve.

Thor: You are well trained skaters.

Steve: You know, you're not so bad yourself there Thor. Actually, maybe I'm better than you.

Thor: Ha, you are no match for my abilities.

Bruce: Hey guys don't start.

Steve: Afraid of a little skating challenge Bruce?

Bruce: No, I'm more afraid of the outcome of all of this.

Thor: Let's race and see who the better skater is.

Steve: You're on goldilocks. Are you in Bruce?

Bruce: What the heck, why not.

They all skate to the entrance as Pepper and Tony meet up with them.


Natasha: You know, I never realized how much of a couple activity skating is.

Clint: What do you mean?

Natasha: Well look, there's Stark and Pepper, I see Dr. Pym and Janet just got here, and look over there, even Loki and Tylana are skating together, and just look at us. You and I are skating together.

Clint: Ya…we're skating together…Just you and I…the two of us skating together…well what about those three over there, Steve, Thor, and Bruce.

Natasha: Let's fix that, add more people to this. I'll call up Jane Foster while you call Dr. Ross.

Clint: Well what about Steve?

Natasha: Call, Maria…Heck why not add Fury in on this and Dr. Selvig too. Let's just contact everyone.

Just before Steve, Thor, and Bruce are about to start the race everyone that Clint and Natasha called arrives. They all gather to where the guys are.

Clint: Hey what are you three up to?

Steve: Racing, want in.

Clint: Hell ya.

Tony: Count me in on this. I bet I can beat all of you.

Pepper: Watch your head Tony it's getting a little big again.

Loki: What are you doing?

Thor: Racing to prove who the master skater is.

Loki: A race, I see…clearly none of you realize who the real master of skating is. After all my origin is as a frost Giant, I suppose you don't realize that I am in fact the master skater here.

Nick: Let's find out, because I want to prove you all wrong that I am the most skilled one here.

Erik: What the hell…let me try too.

Darcy: Now this is going to be interesting.

Darcy pulls out a phone and starts filming. All of the guys line up as the girls are standing at the side.

Pepper: On my go...On your mark….get set……GO!

They all start skating with Clint, Nick, Thor, Steve, and Loki leading at the front. Erik falls to the ground when he starts and is helped up by Jane.

Erik: I did say try right?

Nick falls behind Clint as he is skating next to Steve. Thor and Loki are slightly ahead of them. Eventually, Steve pulls ahead of Clint and pushes past Thor and Loki. Both Thor and Loki speed up and catch up with Steve. Tony and Bruce stop racing realizing that they aren't going to catch up with the guys at the front and head back to the girls and Erik. The race has come down to Thor, Steve, and Loki. Thor pulls out in front of them. He turns back to give them a smile and doesn't see what is in front of him. He crashes into the rink wall and flips over it to the other side. The race is now down between Steve and Loki. Just as they were coming back to the start Loki pulls ahead of Steve and cuts in front of him making Steve lose is balance. Loki turns around and stops as he wins the race giving Steve a grin.

Loki: What did I tell you soldier. No one can beat me when it comes to skating.

Steve gets up and glares at Loki. Tylana skates over to Loki and hugs him as Thor returns with Clint and Nick. Clint skates over to Natasha.

Natasha: You tried and that's all that matters.

Clint: You're right.

Natasha: See…

Everybody skates away from Natasha and Clint.

Clint: No I mean about the couple thing. Tony has Pepper, Bruce has Betty, Thor and Jane, Steve is with Maria, Erik is with Darcy and Fury, Loki and Tanya are even together. And not to mention you and I are together skating.

Natasha: Ya…you and I are skating together aren't we.

Erik, Darcy, and Nick are skating past Natasha and Clint as Darcy bumps into Natasha's back pushing Natasha closer to Clint as he grabs her to catch her.

Natasha: Hey watch it! Be more careful!

Darcy: You're welcome!

Darcy, Erik, and Fury skate away.

Nick: Nicely done Miss Lewis.

Darcy: Hey somebody had to do it. I mean come on, look at them; you can totally tell they want each other. They may be agents but they suck at hiding something like that to the point where it's so obvious. They needed the little boost.

Erik: I don't think they're the only ones. Look over there.

Erik gestures over to Tylana and Loki.

Darcy: Here we go again.

Darcy skates faster towards them.

Nick: No Darcy…not them.

Erik: Darcy, get back over here!

Darcy skates close to Tylana and gently bumps into her as she skates away. Tylana slides right into Loki as Nick and Erik catch up to Darcy.

Nick: Do you not realize who you're messing with?

Darcy: What it was just a harmless push, what the hell could happen?

Erik: That is Thor's brother Loki…don't you remember what he did.

Darcy: WAIT, THAT'S HIM! Shit, why the hell didn't you stop me?

Erik: We kept telling you not to.

Darcy: You should know by now that I don't listen to you!

Nick: Actually, I don't think you should concern yourself too much.

Darcy: What, why?

Nick nods his head over to Tylana and Loki. Erik and Darcy turn to see Tylana and Loki linking arms as they skate.

Darcy: Can I make couples or what.

Erik: Impressive, you've even managed to get the agents.

Darcy: Shut up, no way I didn't.

Erik points at Clint and Natasha as they are holding hands while they skate and laugh together.

Darcy: Damn I'm good. Alright, who is next?

Meanwhile, Tylana and Loki are skating around talking.

Tylana: Just like home right?

Loki: Almost. But you skating with me is the most important part.

Tylana: Glad you think so.

Loki: Well don't you agree?

Tylana: Of course I do. If I don't say so, then I'm afraid you'd let me go and I'd wind up skating with someone like Thor.

Clint and Natasha skate by Tylana and Loki.

Natasha: See, isn't this nice, you and I skating together.

Clint: Ya, I can't believe we are actually skating together holding hands though.

Natasha: Ya, I'd have to say that has come to me as a surprise, but I don't want to risk getting hit by Darcy again and losing my balance.

Clint: Oh of course, wouldn't want you falling into me like that again now wouldn't we.

Natasha: Oh of course not. That wouldn't be a very good thing at all.

Darcy skates by them.

Darcy: Just kiss her already would you!

Clint's face turns red as Natasha lets go of his hand.

Natasha: I'm…uhh…going to go see what Steve and Maria are talking about.

Clint: And I'm going to go Tanya and Loki apart, their getting a little too cozy with each other, I don't like it.

Natasha: Right uh…talk to you later.

Clint and Natasha separate as Darcy returns to Nick and Erik.

Darcy: Damn I really thought that would work.

Nick: Nice try Darcy, but with people like them you can't be so forward about it.

Darcy: Oh…I'll get them next time.
:bulletred: Tylana is my own alternate timeline of the Marvel Cinematic universe consisting of the Avengers and the movies previous to it.
:bulletorange: It would be nice to be able to see this in a comic book format. If anyone is interested in doing that please let me know and some sort of deal can be arranged.
:bulletyellow:Keep a look out for a new chapter by watching me!
:bulletgreen: To learn more about the character Tylana check out her biography here. [link] This is updated as much as possible with every chapter that has been posted.
:bulletblue: Check out the group based off of the universe the Tylana story takes place. :iconearth-1326:
:bulletpurple: Check out the tumblr blog [link] for updates on Tylana.

For any questions about Tylana you are welcome to post a comment below, message me on here or on the tumblr account, or check out Earth-1326.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS from Tylana and friends from Earth-1326
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